Visualise Your World Conference, London 2014, Tuesday 21st – Wednesday 22nd October

Scientific concepts have been presented via it and investigative journalists have been using it for centuries; Napolean’s troop losses during the 1812 invasion of Russia have even been illustrated via it – data visualisation.

Things have obviously evolved since the 1800’s but the fundamentals are the same. More and more organisations are using imagery and graphics to help bring data to life, presenting information in a clear and precise visual that plays to our natural capabilities.

Did you know?

Humans understand the world through pictures and patterns by computing thousands of pieces of information hourly through just the use of our eyes. We can spot anomalies quickly, make comparisons about age, size, weights, colours and brands every hour of every day and we are good at it.

Leading Business Discovery Platform

Qlik have recognised these inherent capabilities have proved invaluable in life and believe they should be guiding principles in the workplace that will change the way you work. Identifying, understanding and categorising are four natural visual human instincts, elevating Qlik to become today’s market leading Business Discovery platform. The software allows our right side of the brain (the visual side) to easily process information and forward to the left side (the analytical side) to analysis.

These instincts are:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Outliers
  • Prediction from instinct
  • Comparison capability

Visualise Your World

At this month’s Visualise Your World Conference, Qlik customers have the opportunity to share their data analysis and visualisation stories, providing examples of how to improve performance and profitability. Key speakers, including Duncan Waide, Global head of IT Operational Data at HSBC and Gareth Baxendale Chief Technology Officer for the NHS will be talking about how they use visualisation to uncover meaningful insights that changed their business.


And, we will be there of course! Come and see us to find out more about the new Qlik Sense product and how you can benefit from the power of self-service Business Intelligence and story-telling. We’ll present our comprehensive Amplifier solutions – which can enhance your ability to visualise the data in your ERP system. As the UK’s Master Reseller of NPrinting, we will also be demonstrating its unique capabilities to distribute your data.

Napolean knew a good thing when he saw it…will you? #SeeingIsBelieving

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