What Makes Qlikview Unique?

In light of continuing change, development and evolution in the BI software market it has become increasingly important to address what makes Qlikview unique and why. Business Discovery, and what it can do for you.

Despite, or perhaps in light of, a tough economic climate the Business Intelligence market has grown exponentially. Data has become a more important resource to companies to ensure that their businesses are behaving in the most intelligent way possible, by analysing data effectively and efficiently. But how do you choose what programme is the best fit for your company in a market that has a proliferation of contenders vying for your business.

Investment in Business Intelligence is sometimes difficult to justify in difficult economic conditions, but less so when it is immediately apparent how the software package can have a positive impact on your business functionality, from resulting in leaner production capacity to analysing customer behaviour to more effectively target them.

Growth in the BI software market illuminates the need for tools that help people leverage data for business advantage — that enable them to explore data and draw insights and meaningful conclusions from it.

The Aberdeen Group’s research found that compared to users of traditional BI (Business Intelligence) solutions, organisations that use QlikView as their primary analytics solution are more likely to get the right information to the right people, at the right time.  In addition, QlikView solutions are “stickier” – they are used more frequently and are more likely to be used in a self-service manner, making business users self-sufficient.

We at Ometis call Qlikview a Business Discovery tool to highlight the way business people use our software, and the value it delivers.

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