From Business Intelligence to Business Discovery – How Qlikview can take you there

Ometis explore the value of Business Intelligence & Business Discovery.

Business Intelligence has vastly grown in importance in the business world. Expectations are growing for sophisticated tools that include measurement, analysis, prediction, real time focus and accurate, rapid reporting. The resulting transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business use can be invaluable. A Business Intelligence tool is a prudent investment, as it will allow you to interpret your own data, to make decisions that will have positive impacts on your business, as opposed to extrapolating market data and trying to apply it to your own unique set of business circumstances. The rewards are vast, it helps to establish a sustainable competitive advantage, increase stability as you play to your own strengths and even more importantly, spot your weaknesses or chinks in the armour. Qlikview is best placed to furnish the above requirements, mainly due to their point of difference, the use of patented ‘in-memory’ technology. This eliminates dependence on data warehouses, meaning users can report in a way that suits them, faster. This speeds up reaction times and allows the business user to make faster, smarter decisions.

The dimension of Business Discovery is added to traditional Business Intelligence elements, enabling Qlikview users, across any company department, to consolidate information in easily digestible formats, quickly search, visualise and analyse all of their data to result in unprecedented business insight. Qlikview has moved with market trends towards insights and data discovery as opposed to traditional ways of data reporting and analysis. Unlike traditional BI, in Business Discovery, analysis is self service-based and conducted by the business user, rather than IT.It enables business users to customize and change analysis to address their exact business problems, meaning different departments can use the same tool to get a set of results applicable to their specific analysis requirements. 

It’s a much more real-time approach for optimizing your business through improved decision making, based on the idea that the business user gets access to the data they need when they need it. This marks a fundamental shift in decision making by empowering business users to conduct analysis themselves rather than relying on someone else.

It’s a totally different experience for business users, who get the benefit of user-centric interactivity, an associative experience, relevant business data from any source, speed-of-thought analysis, and a positive time spent to value generated ratio.

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What Makes Qlikview Unique?

In light of continuing change, development and evolution in the BI software market it has become increasingly important to address what makes Qlikview unique and why. Business Discovery, and what it can do for you.

Despite, or perhaps in light of, a tough economic climate the Business Intelligence market has grown exponentially. Data has become a more important resource to companies to ensure that their businesses are behaving in the most intelligent way possible, by analysing data effectively and efficiently. But how do you choose what programme is the best fit for your company in a market that has a proliferation of contenders vying for your business.

Investment in Business Intelligence is sometimes difficult to justify in difficult economic conditions, but less so when it is immediately apparent how the software package can have a positive impact on your business functionality, from resulting in leaner production capacity to analysing customer behaviour to more effectively target them.

Growth in the BI software market illuminates the need for tools that help people leverage data for business advantage — that enable them to explore data and draw insights and meaningful conclusions from it.

The Aberdeen Group’s research found that compared to users of traditional BI (Business Intelligence) solutions, organisations that use QlikView as their primary analytics solution are more likely to get the right information to the right people, at the right time.  In addition, QlikView solutions are “stickier” – they are used more frequently and are more likely to be used in a self-service manner, making business users self-sufficient.

We at Ometis call Qlikview a Business Discovery tool to highlight the way business people use our software, and the value it delivers.

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